autumnfunerals's Journal

кіd, I'm right here...and I'm not leaving.
brittany ilene.

I'm Brittany. I live to enjoy life, and I live for nothing else. Vegas born and raised, my heart will always be here. No matter where I travel in my life. I love to talk to people about politics and religion, anything that can be debated. I try to be an understanding person of everyone around me. I smoke weed. It is a life choice by me and it should be respected. Don't look at me differently because of it.

I have big dreams and GIGANTIC hopes for this world. I hope that one day people can learn to love one another. I try to be the bigger person, it seems to pay off.

I am a firm believer in karma. What goes around comes around. It is just about the most honest thing in this world today.

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