I'm trying to EXPAND the love,

and you should too. We all should do our part for this earth while
we are here so that our children's children will have a place to raise
their own.

Get up and dooooooo something (:

OR sit down and do something:

It is sort of like a social networking place, but it's also a charity fund. (:

This is a really great website that is free and simple to use,
all you do is work your way around the website and earn points. The more points
you earn, the more money goes to the cause of your choice (by the sponsor OF YOUR CHOICE)

So it's actually reallyyy easy and kind of entertaining, actually. (: TRY IT OUT for me please.

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So, I'm sitting up right now watching Something About Mary, and I came to the decision that I would like to start writing again. It doesn't really matter what right now, just that I am writing. I miss it. I used to write all the time and it seems like I don't do it at ALL anymore. I seem to be missing a lot lately. I feel like the things I am missing are the things that are keeping me from moving forward with my life. I think I could be doing more with myself, like I am not giving life my full potential.

I want to do so much I don't know where to start! I want to travel. Anywhere. I don't think it even matters where right now. I am supposed to be taking a camping trip a week from now with my family up to Mammoth. It should be good. I am looking forward to getting out of the city and away from all the business for a bit. Even just a few days will do for me. It will give me a good oppurtunity to take time for myself and gather my thoughts.

I also want to learn. There is endless amounts of things to know in this world and so much of it facinates me. There is something about the paticulars and technicalities of everything in the world that really gets me. I really really want to learn.

This was a good posting for it being almost a year since I have posted. More to come soon. [:
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